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Work Force Tracker™ & Field Force Tracker™ : Two Powerful Solutions.
Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Full Featured Integrated Telephony Systems for your business

Work Force Tracker can optionally be integrated with robust telephone services. You can call your staff at a click of a button using speaker phone of the PC. We have integrated advanced telephony and communications functions for you. It is like owning your own private telephone network. We have integrated full call centre suite for you.

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch System

Click for Call

All you need to do to call is a click on the phone number of the technician to speak to him in the field. We provide integration of advanced VOIP software in the client to talk to. You can make unlimited monthly calls via our switch to technicians. Similarly, technicians can call other technicians. Calling each other just a simple click away.

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch System

Record Calls

If you want to record technician or customer calls. We can optionally make this feature available to you to record calls as well.

Advanced Communication Platform

Our system provides a robust platform of call management functions designed to enable the Work Force Tracker application to perform dialer functions such as automatic outbound voice phone calls, without the need for costly hardware and software.

Enjoy Full Suites of Advance Calling Features

Our integrated telephony eliminates the need to purchase or lease expensive PBX equipment to gain advanced calling features such as voice mail, automated attendants, extension dialing, call forwarding, call park, or call transfer.

Our system also eliminates the need to obtain service from multiple carriers for local and long distance calling, PBX tie-lines, private lines, etc. The service also includes Internet access and Quality of Service (QoS) to guarantee voice quality, all on one invoice. Bottom line, our VoIP offers freedom from legacy equipment costs, eliminates reliance on slow-moving traditional phone companies, multiple bills, and offers flexibility to deliver customized user productivity solutions for your company.