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Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Messaging and Group Notifications

Workforce Tracker is a unique product that combines features of security, and work force productivity together into one comprehensive easy to use product.

Work Force Tracker allows businesses to send push messages to employee or the employee groups from the web console.

Timely messaging to field employees helps them in making better decisions, avoiding unsafe situations or places. You can also use it to simply update them about any important pending or future events. It improves the safety and security of your field staff.

Location Dependent Messaging to Field Employees

This feature is useful for companies that have multiple facilities or offices in different countries. Security departments would like each location to have the location dependent security alerts or messaging to be delivered. For example, an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia may issue a different security notification to its employees than what it delivers to employees at it headquarters in the US and Europe. So, when employees travel between locations, they can automatically get messages relevant to that location.

WIth Work Force, as an employees goes to a new facility, the system can automatically send the local security or other location dependent information to the mobile phone. So, if an employee from the US goes to Saudi Arabia, the system can send the documents related to travel precautions or security information automatically.

Using geo-alert facility of Work Force Tracker, you can automatically detect arrival and departure of employees to and from certain locations. All this information is logged in the system for you to archive.

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Benefits of Mobile Security Messaging

  • Empowers Field work employees to be in control of situations and their personal safety with timely messaging.
  • Enables Field Force employees to know the information when they need it. They can thus own their personal safety and the security of co-workers and customers.
  • Add another layer of mobile enabled security. Expands your ability to successfully assist co-workers before contacting 911 or on-site security.
  • Help pro-actively your employees saving legal costs, lives and bad events. Prevents situations from escalating into threatening, dangerous, or tragic events.
  • Be independent on dealing with minor events without the help of local police. Reduces your dependency on contacting police for lower level incidents and situations.
  • Improves the safety and security of your organization and peace-of-mind of your employees.