Field Service Dispatch Software by Work Force Tracker
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Work Force Tracker™ & Field Force Tracker™ : Two Powerful Solutions.
Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Field Task Management and Scheduling

If your company assigns tasks, jobs, sales leads, inspection routines or daily work orders to your field staff, the work-force tracker is a perfect solution for this. Work Force Tracker is highly felxible, and a very customizable platform software. That is what makes it very simple yet powerful to use. You can use features that you need and hide the features that you don't. Task assignment is one such function.

You can create tasks for your field staff and assign them using highly intuitive Web interface. Our task definition is flexible to allow many kinds of tasks such as service, pick-up, deliveries, emergency planning, sales leads, on-site daily assignments etc.

Fast Mobile Job Assignment

Work Force Manager Mobile allows you to send jobs to mobile workers in the field. Your mobile worker also has the ability to receive and perform several job actions on their GPS enabled phones.

Assign one or more employees to do the work, either when scheduling the task, or later. Work Force Tracker’s scheduling system provides the flexibility to assign as many or as few visits as needed to get the job done.

Simple Task Assignment For Easy Task Scheduling

Our Smart and Intelligent Job Scheduling software is designed to optimize resource usage and reduce cost. As a company you may consider job types, field employee's skills, their current locations, branches, departments and product types and many other important factors in considerations. All you need is to select one from possible multiple candidates. It can even auto assign proper technicians in a rule based scheduling for very large organizations or very large field work force.

Job Schedule Board

Efficient Resource Utilization

Our software is designed to ensure that your field service teams - either your employees or your partners' - are utilized efficiently; minimizing long drive times and white space in their schedules. But just any field employees won't do. To schedule a task and assign the right worker, you need to quickly work through complex set of parameters. Only then can you efficiently manage work orders, maximize utilization rates, and keep your most valuable customers happy.

Managing employees in the field has always been a challenge.

Complicated scheduling such as recurring jobs with multiple team members is now simple. From 10 jobs to 100 a week, scheduling your jobs and employees can be done quickly, and updated in real time for everyone to see instantly.

Job Schedule Board

Easily see which jobs and employees have been scheduled and which ones have not with multiple calendar views. Then give day-sheets to your employees so they know exactly what they are doing that day.

Monitor Job Status

Advanced job dispatch from the web application to mobile user. The web application user can look up and link mobile jobs to known locations in the system, which reduces data entry and errors. The web application user can view all or a single mobile job on all maps, read details of a job, calls ahead to a job contact, and obtains both audible and map-enabled driving directions to the job. The mobile user can update the job status (“Accept,” “Reject,” “In Transit,” “Start,” “On Hold,” or “Complete”). Upon completion of a job, the user is prompted with the “Job Completion Form.” Once a job is completed, the history can be viewed from the “Mobile Jobs” list or via the “Location Job History.”