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Work Force Tracker™ & Field Force Tracker™ : Two Powerful Solutions.
Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Mobile Work Force Management

Access everything a connected technician needs, on the spot.

There are very few jobs that demand the use of mobile technology more than that of a field employees. Your field employees require critical service information and customer data at their fingertips, no matter where or when, so they can solve customer issues fast. With Work ForceTracker Mobile, your field techs, service managers and executives can each access Work ForceTracker from virtually any device anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch System

Increase Productivity with Mobile Technologies

If your field service business is still using outdated processes, you are missing out on productivity gains that field service automation can deliver. The Work ForceTracker Mobile App is a game changer for field service companies, connecting field workers to their jobs and to the office staff. Our Mobile App provides the field worker instant access to all job details, customer information, job history, location information, asset information and notifications all in one place. The Work ForceTracker Mobile App will maximize productivity by allowing field workers to have everything they need in the palm of their hands.

Fast, Easy & Reliable

Work ForceTracker has thousands of users in service across six countries and the Mobile App is a key reason our customers select our product. The Work ForceTracker Mobile App, available in the iOS and Android app stores, is optimized for performance—it’s fast and easy to use, eliminating hang-ups for field workers. Our flexible functionality translates to success for companies in a wide variety of industries. No matter your specialty, Work ForceTracker has helped transform businesses like yours and increase their bottom line.

The Work ForceTracker Mobile App has all of the features you need to streamline your field service business, improve your productivity, boost efficiency and increase profits. Take the next step and start automating your business today with a free Work ForceTracker demo.

True Mobility—All The Time

  • Prevent your field workers from being stranded. Know their status ar all times.
  • Easy to navigate interface to accept jobs, mark them completed.
  • Mobile integrated time sheets. Billing and Invoicing.

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch System

Connect Field Workers To Their Jobs

  • Notifications sent automatically once a new job has been assigned
  • One-click access to full job details
  • Start, pause and complete jobs with a click

Connect Field Workers With Office Staff

  • Instant access to customer information and job history
  • Easily add notes and attachments, including photos and diagrams
  • Auto-invoice option to send out invoices upon job completion

Fill Out Work Orders Completely & Correctly

  • Ability to set task lists for jobs and create mandatory tasks
  • Collect customer signatures in the field
  • Eliminate customer billing disputes

Information On your Finger Tips. When You Need and Any Where

Powered by Advanced Mobile design, our mobile experience is rich, consistent and powerful whether your users will access the solution via a tablet, smart phone or laptop, ensuring they are never without the information they need to do their job. Organizations have the flexibility to deploy using the device of their choosing, or empower their technicians to bring their own device to work. In addition to the HTML5 browser experience, Work ForceTracker also delivers a number of native mobile solutions for iPad, Smartphones and Laptops.

Work ForceTracker Mobile ensures the highest levels of efficiency from your technicians, while simultaneously impressing and delighting your customers. In fact, the average Work ForceTracker customer increases productivity by 31%* and customer satisfaction scores by 16%.

Work ForceMobile Clients

Your techs need to travel light, but that doesn't mean they don't need the power of the entire organization behind them. Whether iPhone, Android or Blackberry, access to Work ForceTracker via a smartphone helps your techs stay connected to each other and to headquarters, while management stays abreast of key customers and issues.


  • Speed dispatching and increase technician utilization rates by keeping them informed in the field, not driving back to the office
  • Reduce errors and speed billing by capturing all service details onsite, even in remote locations
  • Decrease work order creation time, and debrief and close work orders, regardless of connectivity
  • Increase first time fix rates by keeping techs connected to experts and each other while troubleshooting
  • Improve first time fix rates by providing in-depth product documentation, schematics, and diagnostic testing applications in the field


  • Access to calendars, work orders and details, service history, service knowledge database and inventory levels
  • Remotely request parts, capture time and material details, accept or reject work assignments, record work details and status changes, and setup follow up activities
  • Enable technicians to capture all field service details, even when technicians work out of network range
  • One-click synchronization when back in network range
  • Instant collaboration with peers and company experts via Integrated Telephony (Optional)