Field Service Dispatch Software by Work Force Tracker
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Powerful Task & Locations Tracking For Field Mobile Teams
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Work Force Tracker™ & Field Force Tracker™ : Two Powerful Solutions.
Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker


Exceptional by Design, Designed and Supported By a Committed Engineering Team.

Cost Effective, Supported and Managed by Us For You.

We offer a very simple pricing based on number of users. You can add and delete users at the beginning of the month. There are many options that can be enabled and disbeled as per the need. It is a HIGHLY customizable system with many modules and support of 100s different forms. You can choose the forms and module that you want or the features that are applicable to your business. Some special feature may be charged extra, similarly, a simple system just for tracking Field Employees or using only Time-sheet features may be charged lower.

Please call us for the custom pricing for your company as the price varies by country.

Best Field Service Software for All

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The prices given below are base prices for the field employee GPS Location tracking, task assignment, Task management, geo-fencing, and any three forms (mileage, expense, time-sheets). The system can support field invoicing, integrated telephony and many other forms of field data collection. Please call us for any special needs and we will work with you features and the prices. We can do just about any thing that is possible.

Number of Users Indicative Monthly Fee/Per User One Time Set Up Fee

The prices shown below are for North American region: USA, Canada. Please contact us for pricing details for your country.

1-10 $9.99-$39.99. Min to Max Features, unlimited usage, mobile apps. $99.00
11-50 $9.99-$39.99. Min to Max Features, unlimited usage, mobile apps. $199.00
51 -100 $9.99-$39.99. Min to Max Features, unlimited usage, mobile apps. $499.00
101-500 $9.99-$39.99. Min to Max Features, unlimited usage, mobile apps. $699.00
500+ Call Us Call Us For a Custom Quote

If you need us to design a custom data form or custom feature, let us know and we can add that too. The custom data form will automatically appear in the app for the field staff to fill.

What Do You Get

The Work Force Tracker system is a complete solution for scheduling, staffing, managing, and supporting workforce in the field. Besides our excellent support, and mobile apps, you get:

Location Tracking, Geo-fencing, Task Scheduling and Dispatching For your Field Staff

  • Real-time visibility into your business
  • Provides an immediate snapshop into your business
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Manage jobs in a GPS map view
  • Color coding & icons indicate real-time job type and status
  • Custom views with one click configuration

Custom Forms (Self Defined), Pre-set Forms Such as Time sheet, Expense Report, Invoicing, Inspections etc.

  • Invoice and Billing
  • Invoice immediately upon completion
  • Option to email invoice
  • Integration to accounting packages

Mobile Apps

  • Connects technicians to their jobs in the field
  • Connect the field techs with the office staff
  • Natively developed mobile app
  • Available for iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Dramatically improves accuracy of work orders
  • View new jobs immediately
  • GPS map location of job
  • Create ad hoc or after-hours jobs
  • Access customer information
  • Call or email customers directly
  • Built-in job time stamping
  • Electronic signature capture

Field Data Collection and Management

  • Gather data in any forms defining your own forms
  • Generate Sales quotes or quotes for service requests
  • Create in the office or the field
  • Convert to Work Orders upon acceptance


  • At-A-Glance dashboard metrics
  • Dozens of built-in reports
  • Service performance metrics
  • Worker productivity metrics
  • Profitability metrics
  • Business performance analytics
  • Customizable column layouts
  • Extensive filtering options

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