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Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Preset Data Forms for Field Data Collections

Work Force Tracker app allows you to use one of the preset forms already available or design youyr own custom forms and conduct field data collection using Mobile. We can add any form and make it available to your field staff. So, whether you are doing service inspections, security inspections or gathering new order information, you can add custom forms to work force tracker.

This is an optional module. To faciltitate you, the system has already available forms for basica operations such as Timesheet, Mileage Reports expenses, and any other form can be added.

A list of pre-designed forms are available. The data for those forms is put in the table. The database tables are then exported in csv format or you can import the same using an APIs into your custom system

Talk to us regarding supporting custom forms for your field force.

Pre-Set Forms for Field Data - Mileage, Expense, Invoice etc.

Mobile Forms are used by companies to collect information from the field, using a mobile device, rapidly providing data back to the office and reducing time spent processing paperwork. Forms can have various types of fields, including text, numbers, money, select lists, check boxes, photos, signatures and many more, and can be configured to replicate paper forms that your company may use today. Mobile forms can be used either on an as-needed basis, we call this Ad Hoc, or they can be associated with Timesheets and/or Jobs:

Job Schedule Board

Ad hoc Forms:

Mobile users can access any Ad Hoc form, at any time, in the Forms menu of the WFT Mobile App. Managers can determine which forms are deployed to which users.

Timesheet Forms:

If a form is linked to an action with Mobile Timesheets (start shift, end shift, etc.), then it will be triggered when the worker takes that action. The worker will be prompted to complete the form at that time. This is helpful when certain information is needed on a regular basis – such as odometer information gathered at the beginning and end of a shift.

Job Forms:

If a form is linked to a job action in Mobile Jobs (job start, job complete, etc.), then it will be triggered when the worker takes that action and the worker will be prompted to complete the form at that time. This is helpful for reminding workers to gather specific information from a job, like a photo or signature to confirm proof of service.

Select from Several pre-Created Forms

Our team has already created many forms and you can benefit with them. Just use on of those forms to meet your requirements. We believe that our selection of forms will suit sales, service, disptach and courier jobs.