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Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Increase Revenue With Warranty and Contracts

Manage Warranty Support and Contracts

Revenue from the product warranty support and contracts provide a guaranteed cash flow to the service companies. They provide a cushion against market conditions and fluctuations. With Work Force Tracker, you can manage your contracts and provide manufacturer's warranty support as a sub-contractor. In general, warranty support and contract maintenance are the two most profitable areas for a service company.

Improve Cash Flow for All Services

How fast do you get paid after a job is completed? Invoicing the traditional paper way means that your business revenue is tied up from the time the job is completed until the time you receive payment. Up to fourteen days of that delay can come from the process of actually generating the invoices and getting them to your customers in the first place.

With Work Force Tracker's ">work order management, your digital work order is back in the office the instant it is signed off. It can then be imported immediately into your accounting package, ready for emailing/sending. You can get your invoices out the same day!

Invoicing work immediately after completion helps accelerate your cashflow and lowers your working capital requirements.

Get More Business

The best customer is the one you already have. Your existing customer base is a goldmine, do you have the tool to work it?

Lead Generation

Work Force Tracker can help you turn your field staff into lead generators so that every job they do has the potential to generate add-on work or up-sells. But you don’t have to train them as salespeople. In fact, you don’t want them to be salespeople. What you do want is for the field staff and technicians to make you aware of opportunities they see while at the customer site.

Use our native mobile apps to prompt (even mandate) your field staff to look for opportunities, whether it’s

  • More tasks in the current job
  • Future jobs referrals
  • Maintenance contracts

Have them all hunting for new business automatically, without slowing them down. Field staff can be lead generators if they have our native mobile apps to help them identify opportunities at the jobs they’re already working, and then seamlessly communicate that to the office.


Work Force Tracker gives you the power to maximize efficiencies at every step of the way. When a call comes in, you’ll have all the information you need to handle the request right at your finger tips.

  • Quick visibility to service history
  • Customer history about a particular asset at a specific location,
  • Status of an existing work order, or
  • Billing questions

Work Force Tracker centralizes the information so it’s available to all staff members in real time. No more putting people on hold or having to call them back while you chase down information. You can handle calls to completion the first time. We deliver functionality that increases your efficiency at every step of the way, eliminating bottlenecks and putting your entire team on the same page.